We are happy to arrange a completely bespoke schools package. This will enable access to a range of supporting opportunities and not be limited by the usual time or budget constraints. This flexibility is extremely important to Active Adventurers and we pride ourselves in providing high quality school support.

There are three main school packages on offer:

  • Early Years/KS1 Provision
  • KS2 PE Support
  • Learning Network Offer

Early Years/KS1

The initial focus for Active Adventurers Ltd is based upon developing fundamental movement skills through “Leo’s Jungle Adventure” and “Charlie’s Farm Adventure” 12 week schemes of work) designed specifically for Early Years and KS1.

Each adventure session will last 30 minutes and is designed to enable teaching to take place in small spaces (such as a classroom) if a larger hall or outdoor space in unavailable. The adventure schemes start by introducing generic movement skills and work towards sports specific skills by the end of the programme.

Booking - The minimum booking for the Early Years/KS1 package is for 12 weeks. This is at 1 hour per week (split into 2 x 30min sessions) in order to complete the scheme. However, this hour can be incorporated into a larger package if desired. Free taster sessions are also available.

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Learning Network Offer

As an alternative to weekly support, Active Adventurers have set up the Primary Learning Network Offer.

The offer will be run specifically by Luke Philpotts who is the founder of Active Adventurers Ltd and a qualified teacher of Physical Education with over 10 years’ experience working in primary and secondary schools.

The offer will consist of the following:

  • 18 x hours school support (split into 3 x full days within the school)
  • 3 x CPD sessions (once per term - content as needed/required by the individual school)
  • 3 x Learning Network meetings (once per term – to discuss new developments in PE and pertinent issues)
  • Membership to the Association for Physical Education (AfPE)

In addition, schools within the Learning Network Offer will be able to access qualifications run by Active Adventurers Ltd at a reduced rate.

Further Information

Please contact us for further information regarding options, free taster sessions and costs.

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