Mrs S. Guest, Headteacher, Dudley Wood Primary School

"Luke has an expert knowledge and pedagogy and his teaching is tailored and targeted to reach every child. At the end of each ‘Active Adventurers’ session the children have developed in skill and confidence and are ready for more! Luke plans his sessions in response to the needs of the children and works closely with our Foundation Stage teachers. Everyone has great fun and the outcomes are excellent!"

Mrs A. Pell, Headteacher, Hawbush Primary School

“Luke has worked with us one day each week since Easter 2015. During this time he has developed \detailed lesson plans covering the vast majority of the PE curriculum from year 1 to year 6. In the first instance Luke taught lessons whilst staff observed, but now we also have an element of team teaching too. In some year groups the class teachers are trialling the lessons independently. An exciting new development is his work in Foundation Stage. Luke has developed a series of lessons which are all story based and age/ development stage appropriate. His expertise has certainly enhanced the PE provision in our school.”

Mrs. K. Farrington, Nursery Manager, First Steps Nursery

“First Steps Nursery would like to thank Active Adventurers for providing our children with first class experiences and new skills regarding Physical Development within the Early Years. Luke does a great job with our Butterflies and Sunshine children aged between 2-4 year olds. Not only does he teach the children coordination, balancing, throwing, catching, colour recognition and following instructions but he teaches them patience and the importance of sharing, allowing the children to enjoy and have lots of fun during their time in Nursery. Active Adventurers has also encouraged our children to learn about keeping themselves active and healthy, and how they learn to use equipment and materials successfully and safely. All the children love the sessions and look forward to it every week. The Children go away feeling a sense of achievement, but most of all their journey goes back to their parents and families, making everyone feeling proud.”

L. Beddall, First Steps Nursery and Pre School

“Active Adventurers Ltd is a fantastic company that teaches physical play sessions to children through a variety of activities and techniques. Luke the session leader is super friendly, gets down to the children's level and is loved by all. Everyone loves the sessions and the children are learning and developing new skills in a fun and enjoyable way, would definitely recommend!”

H. Poole, Parent

“My son Frankie at First Steps, Dorothy Parkes absolutely loves these sessions and these days tells me 'I'm going to do exercises with Luke on Tuesday!' He so looks forward the session. He was born with a condition that affects growth and development and while he takes medication we noticed that he was a little clumsy at times. Since these sessions have begun we've seen a difference; he's more confident about having a go at things like climbing rope ladders, jumping from one platform to another etc.. things who would have maybe concerned him before. He’s now having a go and becoming steadier on his feet and wants to do ‘exercises’ at home too now and whilst we don’t have any ‘bridges’ at home, he’s getting full use out of the furniture!”

J. Devaney, Parent

“My son Jasper really enjoys the sessions with you at First Steps nursery. He is only 2½ but he always comes home after the days you have been in really excited to tell me what he has been doing and how nice Luke is! He loves being active so this is right up his street and the fun nature of the sessions is great for little ones. He talks about games you have played and especially loves the jumping activities. Very happy he is doing this at nursery.”

J.Portman, Parent

“Love collecting my daughter from nursery to hear they've had fun with Luke at active adventurers. I get to see photos of my daughter getting active with use of football's and balancing beams, and always get to hear my daughter's version although only 2, of how much fun she's had!! Thank you Luke for doing such a great job with our children.”

V. Phillips, Parent

“My 3 year old Loves his Active Adventurers day. Fun way to learn and getting him fit at the same time. All nurseries should take part. Highly recommend.”


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